Are you looking for ways to grow in your relationship with Jesus all week?

Here are some resources and tools that our leadership recommends for you.


RightNOw Media

Say hello to the streaming library of Bible study videos that inspires faith every day of the week. RightNow Media unleashes millions of Christians by serving churches that disciple and mobilize believers to live like Jesus in their homes, neighborhoods, at work, and around the world. They serve over 16,000 churches everyday.

YouVersion Bible App

YouVersion is a Christian ministry with the mission of helping people engage with the Bible. They believe the Bible has the power to transform people’s lives when they read or listen to it in their own language and then meditate on what its words mean to them. Every person should have the opportunity to explore the Bible.

Word of Life

Take your Biblical knowledge to new levels and dive deep into God’s Word. Get started on the journey of a life-time as you study God’s Word like never before. You can get started with a FREE course right now. Each course takes you deep into specific books of the Bible in a truly academic way.