Central Youth is designed to fit the needs of teens in grades 6-12. They meet every Sunday from 5-7PM at our Augusta Campus. The evening begins with worship before leading into a message series focused on the application of Biblical truth in their every day lives. They finish the evening by splitting into small groups to participate in activities that allow them to dive deeper into the concepts. 

In these smaller groups, they are able to develop deep and meaningful connections with other teens.


I AM 2.jpeg

Starting July 7th, we will begin our 8-week summer series titled: I AM

Each week we are going to take a look at one of the eight I AM statements that Jesus made in the book of John. The significance of these statement are much more than encouragement and it is deeper than cool slogan. When Jesus says I Am, he is taking on the name of creator God Himself. We learn in. Exodus 3:14 God said to Moses: I AM WHO I AM

As we take a look at each of these statements we come to understand that Jesus is the great I AM.

He is the one who was, and is, and is to come. He is the one who will satisfy our every need, and the one who comes to our aid.

July 7 - Week 1: I AM the bread of life

July 14 - Week 2: I AM the light of the world

July 21 - Week 3: I AM, before Abraham was

July 28 - Week 4: I AM the door

August 4 - Week 5: I AM the good shepherd

August 11 - Week 6: I AM the resurrection and life

August 18 - Week 7: I AM the way, the truth, and the life

August 25 - Week 8: I AM the true vine